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Terms and Conditions

This page tells you the terms and conditions on which we supply any of our products and services.

  1. This Agreement is law enforceable and is not subject to cancellation or termination except by these terms and conditions.
  2. The Client may choose an available Domain name for registration by the Company or provide a pre-registered name themselves which will be used if available for registration or transfer. Unless otherwise agreed the Domain name is a .co.uk domain. No name that is deemed abusive or offensive in any way will be registered by the company. A fee of £45 is charged for transferring domains in and out of registration with The Company. This fee may be waivered at The Companies discretion and must be agreed in writing.
  3. The Client agrees unless herein endorsed by the Company’s agent to supply artwork and or copy where applicable at the time of signing this Agreement otherwise the Company reserve the right to produce the Website, Print Design or Video in the manner and form it considers suitable.
  4. The Company aims to complete the work within a reasonable timeframe, however sometimes delays can occur such as artwork not being of the correct quality, waiting on information or artwork from third-parties, client changes and forces outside of our control. It is for this reason that no specific timeframes are agreed only that we endeavour to complete the work within a reasonable time for the work being carried out.
  5. The Client must have Copyright and/or permission to use all artwork supplied to The Company for use in the design of their Website, Video or Print Designs. The Client shall indemnify the Company against all claims in respect of any alleged infringement of copyright, trademark or design or in respect of any passing off or slander or title or any other claim brought against The Company arising in consequence to the exhibition of the work in pursuance of this Agreement.
  6. The Company will not use artwork that is deemed to be abusive or offensive.
  7. The Client is entitled to two changes to their website per year for static sites. CMS and E-commerce websites are designed to allow the Client to make unlimited changes to their website themselves.
  8. Should we make any other agreements with the Client they will be specified in the special instructions box or drafted on separate contract and signed by both parties. There will be no agreement in place unless otherwise agreed in writing. Verbal agreements are not binding unless provided in writing to the Client or agreed on this contract.
  9. This contract will automatically renew after the initial contract period. Should you wish not to renew this Agreement the Client agrees to send a letter by recorded delivery post to be received by the Company no later than 4 months prior to the automatic renewal date. No Notice shall be binding, valid or effective unless sent by recorded delivery post to the Company’s address. A fee of £45 is charged to supply the website, print files or video digitally for The Client to transfer to another host.
  10. Rarely due to forces beyond the Company’s control or due to maintenance or error your website or google placement may be offline for a period of time. Should there be a major disruption to your service the company will inform you of this. The Company will not be liable for any loss arising from a failure resulting in a malfunction with the service provided by us.
  11. Should an Act of God, War of the Queens enemies or Act of Parliament or other Government action, strike action, postal delay, extreme weather conditions, force majeure, disaster conditions or any other reasons beyond the control of the Company occur, then the Company shall be excused from carrying out the conditions of this Agreement until a normail situation has returned.
  12. Payments can be made by card, cheque, direct payment to our bank or standing order. Recurring payments will be taken by credit card or standing order. If payment is not made on the due date then the Company have the right to withdraw the website from the internet.
  13. The Client shall nevertheless remain fully liable for the total contractual value outstanding under this Agreement.
  14. All design work and services we provide remain the property of the Company and are licensed to the Client for the duration of this agreement. Should ownership of the work and its intellectual property rights be agreed to be with the client and specified in writing the ownership will only pass to the client once full payment as specified on this agreement has been made.
  15. Where the business of the Client is taken over by a new Proprietor (or where the business ceases or nature of the business changes) the Client shall nevertheless remain fully liable under this Agreement unless the new Proprietor notifies the Company by recorded delivery of their intention to accept as their responsibility the terms already agreed with the Client by the Company. Should however, the Proprietor default in the performance of the Agreement the Client will remain liable for any loss sustained by the company.
  16. A date for the video production will be agreed with the client. If for any reason The Client needs to cancel the agreed and booked filming day, cancellation must be made 48 hours prior to the date of filming. Confirmation will be supplied that we have recieved your request to cancel the date. If no confirmation from The Company is recieved by The Client then no cancellation has been received by The
    Company. If cancellation is not made within 48 hours a filming cancellation fee will be charged at our current going rate, this is additional to the fees on this contract.
  17. The video once complete will be proofed online to the client whereby the client will be able to accept the proof or request changes. Any         changes must be received within 7 days otherwise the video will be deemed correct and submitted for broadcast / publication.
  18. The video length will be between 60 – 90 seconds which is optimal for web viewing unless specified differently under special instructions.
  19. Due to the nature of the internet and it’s constant change The Company make no guarantees to video or website placements or rankings within the major search engines or the number of visitors to your video. If SEO is purchased as part of the service your video or website will be submitted to the main search engines and optimised for your market audience however we cannot accept any liability should your video not appear favourably or not at all on search engines for any reason.
  20. The Client agrees as a customer to receive correspondance from the Company with offers and promotions.
  21. Should The Client wish not to receive promotions the Client can inform the Company at any time to opt out of receiving them.
  22. The benefit of this agreement is capable of transfer or other disposable by the Company (but not The Client) to any third party, in whole or in part.
  23. This Agreement shall in all respects be construed as an English contract subject to English Law.
  24. The company reserves the right to obtain business and customer credit rating results on any Client.
  25. The 24Sevenmedia brand is a trading name of Huff Ltd.