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Ryan & O’Donnell


Ryan and O’Donnell approached 24Sevenmedia with a vision to put together a website that would showcase their new company and bring their new product the “Irish Dance Shoe” to market in a way that would capture their customer’s attention and promote their shoe’s in an exciting and engaging way.

Our first part of this particular journey was to create the logo and branding, then we knew we wanted to capture customer attention so we put forward an idea to produce a video and we wanted to showcase this video in a way not seen before. Full Screen on the home page of the website!

You can check out The Ryan and O’Donnell here:  www.ryanandodonnell.com

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We also produced lot’s of promotional material such as magazine adverts, brochures, business cards, pull up banner stands for exhibitions. One of the reasons Ryan and O’Donnell chose 24sevenmedia is the fact that not only do we produce high quality work and service we provide the whole spectrum of design services under one roof with makes the whole process easy to manage and cost.

Posted June 23rd, 2012