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Connectivity Solutions’ mission is to leverage a unique combination of technology and industry knowledge to support companies providing or operating large estates of off-net services to identify areas for cost reduction, service simplification and procurement improvement.


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In May 2012, I made a call to Colin Hough, of 24sevenmedia. Colin arranged to meet me at the end of the afternoon on the same day – Wednesday. I arrived at Colin’s offices and explained that I had just started a new business and was due to attend an international conference in Chicago, leaving in 3 days on Saturday, with the Conference starting on Monday morning. I explained that I needed a website for the conference. Colin said that it would be tight, but assured me that his team would be able to deliver. They had the first site in a test environment by the end of Friday and were extremely responsive to correct the site as we tested over the weekend. The site went live in time for the opening of the conference on Monday morning.

I am delighted to recommend Colin and 24Sevenmedia and will continue to use his services.

Nigel Meacham

managing Director


Posted July 15th, 2012