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Every day you could be losing customers!

I think your probably already aware that the number of people with smartphones is a very high number. The facts are that it’s growing daily and mobiles are essentially computers in potential customers pockets! Computers they use everyday to surf the web. If your business is not Mobile yet then your losing customers to those who do have mobile websites.



Not all Mobile Websites are created Equal.

Mobile Websites are now essential for your business but before you rush out and get one you need to consider a few things first. When comparing what’s on offer you need to make sure you are comparing like for like as the cheaper Mobile website usually has less features and so is cheaper for a reason. At 24Sevenmedia we have researched and developed the ultimate Mobile website for your business. Not only are all mobile sites fast and easy to use for your visitors they can be designed to link to booking systems, Trip Advisor, Facebook and Twitter and much more.


It’s your mobile site. You have control.

One of the issues with other Mobile website suppliers is control. You get a cheap mobile website but no control to edit it. Thus paying down the line to rely on someone else to edit it for you. Your New Mobile site with 24sevenmedia gives you control. We have designed a simple interface that allows you to log in and edit your mobile content. Update offers, images, bookings and more all with a few clicks. It’s so simple!



Power to you

We all know that customers are expecting more. They expect simple and easy ways to interact with your business and get the information they need. Your new 24Sevenmedia Mobile site gives them that. Fully optimised and intelligent your mobile site will switch depending on the users interface, if its a smartphone the mobile site is shown, an Ipad or desktop the main site is shown automatically. Our mobile websites are designed to work seamlessley with your existing website with no further work required. They are designed to complement your site, to pull information from it and to direct your information to your customers in the most user friendly format.


Can you afford not having control of your site.

Having to rely on someone else to update your most important assett for you on their timeline. Can you afford to have less features that promote your business. We thought not! Which is why our Mobile sites have a better return on investment for your business.

You must hurry if you don’t wish to miss out, as this offer can only be used until the end of May. So call or email soon so as not to miss out.

Every Day you don’t have a mobile sit eis a day you could be losing customers.

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